Morgan Redfield

About Me

My name is Morgan Redfield. I like to make things, learn about the world, and share knowledge with people.

I studied electrical engineering at the University of Washington, and ended up getting Bachelor's and Master's degrees there. Since then, I've worked primarily on radio electronics and embedded systems. I ran a consulting business for most of the last decade; but switched to more traditional jobs when I realized that I wanted to work on projects with more impact than are usually available to small consulting firms. My current job building flight software at Astrobotic is exactly what I was hoping for in making that switch to a W-2.

I try to teach and mentor whenever I'm able. I started out doing math tutoring at a community college while I was in high school. When I transferred to the UW, I taught computer workshops through Catalyst, which is now Learning and Scholoarly Technologies. I designed much of the programming and electronics curriculum for Metrix Create:Space, and taught there for several years. I also TA'd several embedded systems classes at the UW while I was getting my Master's. I still make it a point to try to learn and teach as much as I can, and I'm bringing that passion to my new adventure as a father.

When I'm not working, I'm reading, hiking, or going to museums with my kids. I try to expose myself to as many new experiences as possible. I've found that seeing people doing cool things (of any form) inspires me to do cool things myself. It's the best way of keeping myself motivated.



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