Morgan Redfield

About Me

I spend my time being as creative as I can be. I create friendships, robots, code, and classes. During my off hours I also volunteer at Metrix Create:Space, where I teach workshops and work with lasers.

When I'm not working, I'm dancing, reading, hiking around Seattle, or spending time at Metrix. I try to expose myself to as many new experiences as possible. I've found that seeing people doing cool things (of any form) inspires me to do cool things myself. It's the best way of keeping myself motivated.

Since 2004, I've also been teaching fairly consistantly. I started out doing math tutoring at Edmonds CC. When I transferred to the UW, I taught computer workshops through Catalyst, which is now Learning and Scholoarly Technologies. I designed much of the programming and electronics curriculum for Metrix Create:Space, and taught there for several years. I've also TA'd several embedded systems classes at the UW.

About My Work

I'm an electrical engineer working in the field of wearable electronics. I've been focusing on hardware and algorithms for activity recognition, though I've also done a few projects on wireless power transfer and wireless communications. I got my Master's degree in June of 2013 from the University of Washington, where I did research on identifying activities of lower-limb prosthesis users by mounting sensors on their prostheses.

I'm primarily motivated by the desire to allow people to improve their lives. It seems to me that people want to be awesome, but they sometimes don't have the knowledge or motivation to follow through on that. By giving people the tools to measure their progress, you can enable them to achieve whatever goals they set.



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