is a new parametric search engine for parts. Supposedly it's claim to fame is that it finds parts from all distributors (like octopart) and presents a more complete picture on the lifecycle status of a part (super important). It seems to have promise, but I don't think it's better than digikey yet.

I liked the way presented information. After I make a selection in digikey, it can be hard to undo it or find out what selection I even made. The UI for is definitely better.

My main problem with is that it doesn't seem to know very much about electronics. If I'm making an RF filter, I can't use general purpose capacitors for it. Digikey makes it easy to select only RF rated capacitors. doesn't even seem to know the difference exists. also has a units problem. Large or small part values are displayed in scientific notation with no units. The standard prefixes (k for kilo, M for mega, etc.) sometimes aren't recognized by their search engine. It also turns out capacitances are displayed in uF only, which is somewhat non-standard. seems to have the right idea, but I'll wait until they're out of alpha to actually start using them.